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Self Care between Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Sarah from Salt Interior Studio

We chat with Sarah from Salt Interior Studio about how she fits in Self Care between Motherhood and being an Entrepreneur.

Tell us about Salt Interior Studio:

Sarah: We are a full-service boutique interior design studio based on the Mornington Peninsula. We offer thoughtful one-to-one design guidance for both residential and commercial projects. 

How do you balance the demands of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship while prioritising Self-Care?

Sarah: I really struggled with this for so long. For so long I didn't prioritise self-care in any way. The juggle of motherhood and running a business was hard enough as it was. 

It's not always easy, but I make it a priority now. I used to feel selfish and be filled with guilt to ask someone to look after my sons so I could go a get a facial or get my hair done. Not anymore. It's important to have that time for myself. I generally plan my days after kinder and school drop off to head straight to the gym. I'll do a class and possibly a sauna in the morning and then I have the rest of the day to get my work done. And I've set myself up in the best way possible, I feel great and have a clear head.

My boys get on the pilates mat and follow an online class with me, or lift the dumbbells by my side. They never question me when I have eye masks on while I'm making a breakfast smoothie, because that's normal in our house. And I know that I'm setting them up to have a healthy understanding of their bodies and what is good for them to feel their best. So, it's a win win. 

"It's not always easy, but I make it a priority now."

Can you share some of your favourite self-care rituals or practices that help you recharge?

Sarah: I believe so strongly in self care, especially as a woman and a mother. And I have really made it a point to focus on myself over these past couple of years. Because if I'm not running with a full tank, nothing gets done and everyone else in the household suffers. 

I have monthly facials, the occasional massage or acupuncture. 

I upgraded to the platinum package at my gym which gives me unlimited reformer Pilates and infrared sauna, which I try and do a couple of times a week. 

I have the occasional magnesium bath before bed, have my essential oils in the diffuser and sit under my LED. 

Outside of just me, I like to get outside in nature with my family. We're often going on bush walks, bike rides or going to the beach. 

What advice would you give to other moms navigating the challenges of running a business while raising a family?

Sarah: Don't be so hard on yourself when you think you should have it all together. Because we never can, and until you realise that you will be riddled with guilt and anxiety and will spend all of your energy and time worrying about those unimportant thoughts rather than spending that time and energy on what is actually important, your kids. 

How has prioritising self-care positively impacted your life as both a mother and an entrepreneur?

Sarah: Last year, like so many others, I sat at my computer in bed until ridiculous hours of the night and I burned myself out. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't do that this year and instead focus on calming my mind throughout the day where I can, and especially at night.

And it's made the biggest difference. Not only to my mental wellbeing, but physically also. My stress levels have gone down, which in turn has helped my hair from falling out, I was able to finally lose weight, my skin is clearer and I am way less irritable. I'm just so much healthier inside and out and I truly believe it is because I started to listen to my body. 

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