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Cosmetic Injectables

Rejuvenate your beauty with expert cosmetic injectables. Enhance your features and embrace natural-looking results. Elevate your confidence with our personalized injectable treatments.

Enhancing Aesthetics Australia

Kim M

Kimberly, the founder of Enhancing Aesthetics Australia, began her nursing journey in 2009 and has extensive experience in acute care settings. With a passion for creativity and attention to detail, she pursued cosmetic injectables, founding her business to offer exceptional aesthetic services.

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections use a synthesised protein to soften fine lines and wrinkles caused by habitual expressions and aging. By preventing the release of acetylcholine in targeted facial muscles, the skin appears smoother and more youthful.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, made from synthesised Hyaluronic Acid (HA), address the aging effects of reduced volume, bone structure changes, and skin elasticity.

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Bio Remodelling

A revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ treatment that not only boost and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging skin.

Matrix PDO Threads

Reverse the signs of ageing by tightening and thickening your skin with the collagen stimulating PDO threads.

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Fat Dissolving

Target stubborn fat pockets to create a more defined neck profile and contoured body.

Book in a Consultation with Kim

Discover the possibilities with our cosmetic injectables consultation. Kim will tailor a plan to achieve your aesthetic goals, offering expert advice and personalized treatment options.

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