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Relaxation Facials

Indulge in pure relaxation with our rejuvenating facials. Experience a tranquil escape as our expert therapists pamper and revitalise your skin, leaving you with a radiant glow and renewed sense of mind.

Relaxation Facial $125

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our 60-minute Relax Facials. Enjoy a double cleanse, exfoliation, calming hydrojelly mask, massage, and tailored Lira serums, hydrators, and SPFs for your skin.

Express Facial $70

Indulge in our Express Facial: a quick 30-minute hydration boost. Includes cleanse, hot towel, Lira Mask, décolleté, and shoulder massage, plus serums & SPF for a rejuvenated look.

Empowering Facial $100

Discover our Empowering Facial: a 45-minute skin rejuvenation with no downtime. Experience double cleanse, exfoliant, hot towels, Lira Mask, massage, and product application for a radiant glow. Optional extractions available from $15.

Baby Bump Facial $125

Embrace the beauty of motherhood with our Baby Bump Facial: a specialized treat for you and your precious bump. Enjoy a soothing HydroJelly Mask to prevent stretch marks and relax as you deserve.


Skin Correction Treatments

Discover transformative Skin Corrective Treatments at our clinic. Unveil your skin's true potential with tailored solutions, including targeted treatments, advanced serums, and specialised care. Experience radiant results and renewed confidence.

Skin Consultation $149

Experience our comprehensive Skin Consultation: $149 Redeemable on Products, with a complimentary Vita Brite Facial session. Uncover personalised solutions for your skin concerns. Elevate your beauty journey with expert recommendations and a radiant, revitalised complexion.

Nano Fusion Facial from $200

Unveil the magic of Nano Fusion Facial: A revolutionary skin treatment with multi-patented NanoFusion technology. Delight in astonishing results as it penetrates and massages your skin, providing a transformative experience that leaves you with a radiant and youthful glow. 

Renew Resurfacing Treatment $125

Discover Renew Resurfacing Treatment: Targeting acne, pigmentation, and aging skin. Our formula blends alpha & polyhydroxy acids for intelligent peeling, cell renewal, brightening, pore refinement, and antioxidant benefits.

Oxygenating Facial $150

Revive your skin with our Oxygenating Facial: Suitable for all skin types. Detoxify, purify, and balance with our Oxygenating Enzyme Mask, complemented by gentle Polyhydroxy Acid exfoliation for a radiant glow.


Clinical Peels

Embark on your skin transformation with our Clinical Peels. Unveil radiant, rejuvenated skin through this gentle yet effective treatment. Experience visible improvements and embrace a brighter, smoother complexion.

Vita Brite Refresh Facial (Entry Level) $130

An introductory peel that tightens, brightens, and hydrates all skin types. Improves overall skin health, reduces lines, wrinkles, and soothes rosacea with Vitamin C, mandelic/salicylic acids, and botanicals. Perfect as an introductory or maintenance treatment.

Hydro Calm Facial (Entry Level) $130

The Hydro Calm Facial is a hydrating and calming treatment is infused with peptides to deeply restore and soothe an inflamed, irritated skin.

Probiotic Power Peel (Entry Level) $150

Our Probiotic Power Peel is a general skin detox targeting mask acne, aging, and congestion. No preparation needed, a great solution for a refreshed complexion.

Acne Relief Facial (Entry Level) $140

The Acne Relief Facial is a refining and calming extraction procedure for acne correction.

Lifting Facial (Entry Level) $150

The Lifting Facial is hydrating, firming and lifting for all skin types.

Lactic Clear Peel $130

Blended with an organic melanin suppressant, green tea and and hypotonic acid the lactic clear peel is the perfect treatment to hydrate, even skin tone, correct sun damage, pigmentation and over exposed skin. 

Men's Facial (Entry Level) $125

This Men's Facial is the ultimate detox that is suitable for facial hair. Perfect for all-round hydration and brightening.

Mineral Jessner Peel $160

The Mineral Jessner Peel corrects lines, pigmentation, and acne scars. Healing blend with plant stem cells, green tea, colloidal silver, and gold provides effective results with minimal downtime.

Sal Pulp Peel $130

This peel is powered by Salicylic Acid, this tropically-infused pulp gives versatility to your peel that helps to manager and reduce congestion, acne, acne scaring and uneven skin tone. A natural pulp augments your exfoliator allowing a massage-enhanced delivery system.

Green Power Peel $190

The Green Power Facial is an acid-free peel using a powerful mix of natural herbs perfect for a deep exfoliation aiding with congestion and all grade of acne. While increasing cell turnover and revealing a smoother complexion this peel has no downtime or peeling and achieves similar results to skin needling.

Pumpkin Peel $130

Renew and refresh dull skin with this universal anti-aging treatment. Packed with antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, retinol, and skin-healing vitamins that leave the skin glowing.

Custom Dermal Revive $169

The ultimate skincare experience with our Custom Dermal Revive Facial is tailored to meet your unique skin needs, this luxurious treatment combines personalized assessment and expert techniques to renew and revitalize your complexion. 


Specialised Facials

Experience specialised facials without downtime. Reveal a radiant, refreshed complexion with our gentle yet effective treatments. Embrace your natural beauty and enjoy immediate results.

Dermaplaning $75

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliation treatment using a surgical blade to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Reveal smoother, brighter, and radiant skin instantly.

Carbon Facial $100

The Carbon Facial, also known as the 'China Doll Facial' or 'Hollywood Facial,' achieves a flawless complexion. Laser technology combined with carbon cream reduces imperfections, purifies, and tones skin for instant radiance.

LED Light Therapy $70

Customised to your unique skin concerns, our LED treatments use the industry leading, Technology for 5 wavelengths of power packed, medical grade light therapy. 

Micro Dermabrasion Facial $120

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment using a diamond-tipped wand to remove dead skin cells, improving skin texture and reducing blemishes. Benefits include smoother, more radiant skin, reduced fine lines, and a refreshed complexion.

Hydra Dermabrasion Facial $130

Hydra-Dermabrasion is a gentle yet effective skincare treatment that combines exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells, and unclogs pores.

Radiance Facial $149

Experience the ultimate Radiance Facial at our beauty clinic. Indulge in 75 minutes of pure bliss with LED Light therapy, cleanse, product application, rejuvenating mask, and soothing massage. Reveal your radiant glow.

Microcurrent Facial $150

Experience the Microcurrent facial: Low-level electrical currents stimulate facial muscles for a lifted and toned look. Boost collagen, reduce lines, and reveal firmer, and radiant skin.