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On The Go As a Fashion Model with Ava O'Connell

We chat with fashion model and client Ava O'Connell about her go-to's as a girl on the go.

Tell us about yourself:

Ava: My name is Ava and I am a 19 year old Model living in Melbourne. I spent my younger years growing up in Chile and moving to Melbourne 7 years ago. I have a beautiful big family including my 3 fur babies. I absolutely love skin and self care and setting aside time to treat myself with a busy schedule.

Can you share some of your essential beauty products that you always carry with you on the go?

Ava: I am comically known by my friends for always having everything on me, my bag is always full of essentials so it is very hard to pick one, but I would probably also have to say lip care. From Laneige lip masks, to Dior lip oils, to Rhode, to Summer Fridays, I have them all and they are my special special babies. I also need to have some kind of sunscreen, moisturiser and perfume in my bag or car at all times to feel safe and secure, and for my perfume…. I have to gate keep 🤭

How do you maintain your skin's health and glow amidst a busy modelling schedule?

Ava: For me, a lot of maintaining my skin health comes from within due to my skin struggles. I have eczema prone skin that flares up on my arms and chest when I am not eating correctly or drinking enough water. I’m always drinking litres of water or drinks with no sugar as my skin reacts very poorly to sugar. However, It’s very important for me to always have some kind of moisturiser, cream or gloss on me just incase I get a last minute casting and want to feel and look my best. 

Are there any quick beauty hacks or rituals you swear by for last-minute touch-ups or emergencies?

Ava: A quick beauty hack I would recommend would have to be a slick stick in my bag to throw up a quick slick bun or pony, a staple in my life. My favourite is from Got2Be, she is amazing.

How do you balance your skincare and beauty routines with the demands of your career?

Ava: With my career, it does mean some weeks I am jam packed and some weeks I have so much free time. Incorporating a continuous exercise, sleep, and eating schedule is very important for me as I love knowing my plans. Especially if I have a super busy week at work, I know that without as much free time I can still reach all my goals and feel proactive. I am a massive calendar freak as well and put all my activities/jobs/events/to dos, colour coordinated in my calendar app, my boyfriend does think I am a bit ocd when it comes to that 😂.

Can you give our readers some insider tips on staying fresh and radiant while traveling or working long hours on set?

Ava: A beauty insider tip for Models on set would have to be bringing makeup wipes and a toiletries bag. Too many times I have forgotten makeup wipes on set and the makeup artist has left and I am stuck rocking a full beat makeup look for the rest of the day. My skin feels really uncomfortable when I have a large amount of makeup on for too long, especially for Ecom days when you are shooting non stop with touch ups for hours and hours.

I would HIGHLY recomend Conserving Beauty disposable makeup wipes as they are individually packaged and environmentally friendly. The same goes for a toiletries bag, brushing your teeth after lunch on set or reapplying deodorant just makes me feel so clean and in control. Definitely a must have in my work bag!

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