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Coco Weissman's Ins and Outs

We chat with fashion 'It Girl' Coco Weissman about her ins and outs of 2024.

Tell us about yourself:

Coco: Hi everyone! I’m Coco Weissman, a 22-year-old, residing in Melbourne Australia. With a keen eye for fashion and beauty, I’m excited to dive into some of the latest trends dominating the scene this season.

Can you share some of your favourite fashion and beauty trends for this season?

Coco: Lately, I’ve found myself gravitating towards the elegance of lace and bows in fashion pieces. Additionally, the strawberry-themed makeup trend has captured my attention with its whimsical and fresh aesthetic. 

How do you stay updated with the latest fashion and beauty trends?

Coco: In this fast-paced digital age, I love to stay in the loop with the newest fashion and beauty trends through TikTok and Pinterest. TikTok’s easily accessible content allows you to catch onto trends as soon as they emerge and Pinterest serves as my virtual mood board, where I curate my mood board.

What are some fashion and beauty trends you think need to go?

Coco: While trends come and go, there are a couple I believe have overstayed their welcome. Ballet flats and Crocs, in my opinion, are two styles that could use a refresh.

Can you recommend some versatile fashion and beauty products that everyone should have in their collection?

Uniqlo tees - are a reliable wardrobe serial, offering a perfect fit and endless style possibilities. 

Denim - timeless and versatile, denim pieces add a classic touch to any ensemble. A few of my favourite styles are the Agolde Low Slung Baggy Jeans and the Slvrlake Mica Low Rise.

Chunky jewellery - easy way to elevate any outfit with a statement earring and some cuffs and necklaces.

Oversized blazer - a must-have for both casual and formal occasions, a great way to look chic and polished from daytime to nighttime. 

Gua Sha - Amazing for blood circulation and relaxed the tense muscles, also feels amazing.

Brows - Brow soap/gel, makes me feel a lot more put together when I’m makeup-less.

Silk scarf - Protect your outfit from makeup stains is a must, could not recommend this more!

Keep up with Coco HERE.


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