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How to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extensions

There are several ways to improve your looks and achieve a flawless appearance. One of the most popular techniques is to get eyelash extensions. This is a small but impactful step towards enhancing your natural beauty.

Eyelashes should always be part of your ensemble. You may get everything right—makeup, hair, dress, accessories, but an out-of-touch eyelash can ruin everything. Extensions can transform the way you look, adding to your attire. Besides, it also eliminates the hassle of dealing with clumpy mascara every day.

So, how do you get extensions for your eyelashes? Are there specific steps you need to follow? What should you consider before getting one? This blog will act as a handy guide to get you ready for your first session. The tips shared below will ensure you're all set for your lash appointment.

Know What You Want: Before the session, find some photos of an eyelash style that you like. Sharing some inspiration with the staff will give them a better idea of how to deliver the desired results. You can also peek at different catalogues presented by the salon to find a set that appeals to you. Moreover, decide on the type you want; for example, a volume, classic or hybrid eyelash extensions. The bottom line is that having an idea of what you want beforehand will simplify the process.

Allocate Enough Time: Always take out sufficient time for your appointment, even if you have a busy schedule. This is where foresight and planning make a difference. Eyelash extension procedures can take anywhere from one to two hours or more. It usually depends on the desired look and the skill of your technician. Rushing through the process can lead to subpar results. So it's important to allow ample time for the application and any necessary adjustments.

Be at Your Most Comfortable: Since you’ll be lying down the entire time, considering your comfort is a smart move. Wear clothing that allows you to relax fully during the procedure. Additionally, consider removing contact lenses before your appointment to avoid any discomfort. Taking a shower can also help you feel fresh and at ease throughout the process.

Show Up with a Bare Face: Arriving with a clean, makeup-free face is essential for better outcomes. Makeup residue and oils can interfere with the adhesive bond of the eyelash extensions. This can lead to poor retention of the lashes after application. Presenting a clean face allows the technician to work more effectively and ensure a flawless finish.

Come in a Little Early: Getting in a few minutes early for your appointment can ensure a hassle-free experience. You have the extra time to

○     fill out any necessary paperwork

○     discuss your preferences

○     mentally prepare for the procedure.

Moreover, arriving early gives your technician more flexibility in scheduling. This helps them to finish the appointment on time or even earlier.

● Avoid Drinking Too Much Water: While staying hydrated is important, try not to consume large amounts of water before your appointment. Excessive fluid intake increases the likelihood of needing to use the restroom during the procedure. It can disrupt the process and cause discomfort. Instead, hydrate adequately throughout the day.  This way, you can fully relax and enjoy the experience without unnecessary interruptions for bathroom breaks.

● Bring Audio Entertainment:  This is optional but many clients bring some form of audio entertainment with them. Be it your favourite playlist, podcast, or audiobook, having something to listen to can help you relax during the procedure. You’ll hardly notice the time fly by, as you enjoy the whole experience. So, remember to pack your headphones and have your preferred audio content ready to go.

Now that you have a guide to follow, getting ready for your lash appointment should be a breeze. An expert beautician, like us, will offer similar advice when you book an appointment. At Empowering Beauty AU, we’ll help you get natural-looking eyelash extensions that complement your style and attire. Our lash stylists provide personalised services tailored to your preferences and needs. They have the expertise to achieve the desired results and will have you leave our salon feeling confident and fabulous.

Should you have any concerns or queries, don't hesitate to call us on 0450 289 132. Alternatively, you can email us at Empowering Beauty AU is here to address all your inquiries and resolve any issues. For now, take a deep breath and unwind as we reveal your inner beauty with our exceptional lash services.


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