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Expert Tips on Battling the Breakouts

Breakouts can be a frustrating skin concern, but with the right treatments and approach, you can achieve the clear, radiant skin that you desire.

In this guide, we'll combine effective skin treatments with lifestyle adjustments to conquer your breakouts and reveal your best skin yet.

Professional Treatments

Targeted Facials

Book a Skin Consultation to find the facials that are tailored to your skin type. Deep cleansing and exfoliation can unclog pores and promote skin renewal. Our Beauty Therapists work with a range of skin conditions, from Eczema to Rosacea and Melasma.

Chemical Peels

Depending on your skin, our Beauty Therapists may incorporate gentle chemical peels into your routine to remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, and encourage collagen production.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy combats bacteria, calms inflammation, and stimulates skin healing. This is the perfect treatment to combat your breakouts, that you can do on the regular.

Lifestyle Factors

Balanced Diet

It is important to prioritise a diet rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of fruits and vegetables to support your skin health.


Ensure that you are staying hydrated. Water helps flush out toxins and maintains the skin's moisture balance.

Stress Management

Practice stress-reducing techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises to minimise your cortisol levels, which can be a common breakout trigger.

Sleep Quality

Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night to allow your skin to regenerate and repair.

Consistent Skincare Routine

Gentle Cleansing

Cleanse your face twice daily with a cleanser that is suited to your skin type to remove impurities without stripping natural oils.

Targeted Treatments

Incorporate spot treatments with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to address active breakouts and vanish them.

Sun Protection

Apply a physical sunscreen daily to shield your skin from UV damage and prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

Combating breakouts is a journey that combines expert skin treatments with mindful lifestyle choices. By nurturing your skin from the inside and out, you're on the path to achieving clear, confident skin. Consistency is key, and with dedication, you can reveal the radiant skin you deserve.

Book in a Skin Consultation with our Beauty Therapists for a complete analysis on your skin and personalised prescription.


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