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From the ICU to EB - An Injectables Edit

We chat with our Cosmetic Nurse Kim, as she shares her journey from working in the ICU to becoming an Injector at Empowering Beauty.

Tell us how it all started:

Kim: My nursing journey first began back in 2009 where I began my first year of study in a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

From there I have worked in a range of acute care settings including general medicine, surgical and cardiac. My desire for knowledge landed me a position in an intensive care unit where I completed an Advanced Practice Program. This was followed by a return to university to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing.

I then moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the Alfred Hospital (one of Melbourne’s largest tertiary based hospitals) to further develop my knowledge and progress my career. During this time I also worked for a first responder training company assisting in the teaching of basic life support, which I still do to this day.

What got you into the Injectables world? What do you love about it?

Kim: While progressing my career in the hospital setting, I had always had a passion for creativity and attention to detail. This lead me to completing a cosmetic injectables course with Melbourne’s prestigious Anti-Aging Company and founding my business. I love providing patient centred care and personalised treatment plans for my patients. I love helping my patients to achieve their aesthetic goals while still maintaining their natural authenticity.

What do you love about working at EB?

Kim: I absolutely love the team that work at EB. It's an absolute honour to work besides a team of goal driven enthusiasts that love what they do and take pride in their work. I also really love what Empowering Beauty stands for. I love the inclusivity and equality they promote.

Book in with Kim HERE.


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