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Life as a Dermal Therapist Student with Jaz

We chat with Jaz, as she balances being a Dermal Therapist Student and a Beauty Therapist at Empowering Beauty.

What motivated you to pursue a career in skincare and become a Dermal Therapist?

Jaz: I've always loved beauty, but I felt like I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn everything I could about skin, so thats when I turned to a Dermal Therapist Degree.

How do you balance your studies with your work at Empowering Beauty?

Jaz: Fortunately, my university schedule only requires me to attend classes one day a week, making it quite manageable. This allows me to strike a healthy balance between focusing on my studies and enjoying some free time on my days off.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a Dermal Therapist Student?

Jaz: Being able to learn so much during my studies that I can apply during my days at work allowing me to further assist my clients with any of their skin concerns.

Can you share any memorable experiences or lessons you've learned during your time at Empowering Beauty?

Jaz: Definitely learning how to do treatments such as Chemical Peels and all the detailed training we have with Lira too.

How do you envision your career evolving after completing your studies?

Jaz: After my studies I would love to continue working as a Beauty Therapist and potentially look into the options of working within a plastic surgery clinic or as a Dermal Clinician.

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