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Fat Cavitation


Fat Cavitation

Tackling body fat can often be a tireless and discouraging journey. Even after consistent diet and exercise many people often struggle with stubborn areas that never seem to budge. Luckily with the best fat cavitation technology available, we can now assist you on your journey by targeting and spot-reducing specific areas of concern.


Don’t worry because Empowering Beauty AU provides some of the best fat cavitation procedures in Ringwood, Melbourne.

What is Fat Cavitation? 

Fat cavitation is a ground-breaking non-invasive alternative to liposuction; which can be costly and invasive. Fat Cavitation however uses Ultrasonic sound waves that liquefy the fat cells, turning them into fatty acid which is then naturally metabolized by the body.

This fat reduction treatment is completely non-surgical, comfortable, and requires no downtime.

Why should fat deposits be removed?

Removal of fat deposits need not necessarily be a matter of beauty or figure maintenance. It is an important health issue. Unwanted fat deposits can increase the chances of cardiac problems like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, and mental health issues like depression. Although fat cavitation is a great treatment to reduce unwanted fat, it should always be paired with a healthy, active lifestyle and balanced diet.

Which Body Parts Are Treated in Fat Cavitation Procedure?

The fat reduction procedure is performed on parts with localized fat in it like the abdomen, thighs, hips, upper arms, and bra/back fat. This process is not recommended for bony parts of the human body, like the head and neck areas.

How many sessions are needed

The total amount of sessions will vary from person to person depending on their goals. Generally, at least 6+ sessions are required for the best results and are ideally done every 3-7 days. clients should start to notice results after roughly the third session.

Time taken

Fat cavitation is performed for 10 minutes per ​every A5-sized area. for example, if treating the arms, 10 minutes would be performed on each upper arm area.

How it works

Ultrasound fat reduction is medically proven to be an effective procedure for those who want to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits in their body. This procedure involves radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves to form bubbles around fat deposits present under the skin. These bubbles burst and flow into the interstitial and lymphatic systems.Due to the ultrasonic waves, fat deposits change into glycerol and free fatty acids. They are reused by the body whereas the free fatty acids travel to the liver. Fatty acids are then excreted out of the human body.

Benefits of cavitation and fat reduction:

  • Requires little time to perform the procedure

  • With a healthy lifestyle, the results last for a long time

  • Minimum to no side effects

  • No resultant scars

  • No anaesthesia required

Enhance Your Figure with Fat Cavitation Treatment at Our Ringwood Clinic

We offer the best value for your money. If you are looking for a fat cavitation treatment in Ringwood, Melbourne, feel free to visit our office at 235 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC 3134. You can also call us on 0450 289 132 and speak with our experts, or email your queries at

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