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EMS Body Sculpting Therapy in Ringwood, Melbourne

If you wish to enhance your features and assist in your fitness goals EMS could be the perfect treatment for you. The EMS is the ultimate 3 in 1 which assists in muscle building, fat reduction, and skin tightening all in a 30-minute session. Although there are many innovative treatments you can get to achieve your goal, One of the most trusted methods is EMS body sculpting.

We can most areas such as the abdomen thighs, calves, booty, and arms to give you a slimmer and toned look. You will see amazing results in a matter of weeks, giving your confidence a huge boost.

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What is EMS?

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The EMS  transmits a high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy through large paddles that sit comfortably over the desired area. This stimulates maximum muscle contractions in targeted muscle groups. It induces these involuntary contractions at an approximate rate of up to 30,000 contractions in half an hour. This is the equivalent of doing 30,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes! Thus, you can achieve more defined results with less effort

After the treatment, you can carry on with your normal routine and tasks. There is minimal to zero downtime and will not affect your daily schedule. However, you may experience muscle fatigue and feel tired after your treatment. But it will dissipate quickly, allowing you to continue performing normal activities immediately after you undergo the EMS procedure.

Benefits of EMS Treatment

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  • Increased muscle tone and definition

  • Burns fat in desired areas

  • Can reduce cellulite

  • Improved posture

  • Safe and effective for both men and women

  • Requires no downtime

  • Assists with period pain

  • Assist with lower back pain

  • Helps you to improve your metabolism

  • It can be done on targeted body areas

  • Fast and efficient procedure

  • Convenient and affordable

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