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The Perfect Eyebrow Threading Service in Ringwood, Melbourne

Eyebrow threading helps you get unwanted hair removed with precision and accuracy. It is also a less painful alternative to waxing. At Empowering Beauty AU, our beauticians specialise in threading and will give you the best-shaped eyebrows. We are passionate about our work and use the best products to give you the perfect results. Our team ensures that you get exceptional care from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.

What is threading?

Brow threading involves doubling and twisting a thin thread, then rolling it over unwanted hair. The friction caused by the twisted thread will pull the hair out at the root. This process is less painful than waxing and quicker than plucking individual hair. It is gentle on your skin and smoother with less irritation and redness.

Eyebrow Threading.jpg

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

The advantages of threading over eyebrow waxing include better control and precision in shaping eyebrows. It is gentle on your skin as it only removes the hair without damaging delicate layers of baby hairs surrounding your brows. Some of the key benefits are:

  • It is safe for people sensitive or allergic to waxing and for those on Acne medication such as Retin-A, Accutane, etc.

  • Your eyebrows will look defined, as it takes the smallest of hairs from the follicle. The results last up to four weeks with new hairs growing back thinner.

  • Brow threading removes short lines of hair in a single stroke, minimising the pain.

  • Waxing disposes of a lot of wax and wax paper. Threading uses a cotton string and nothing else.

Our Threading Procedure

Eyebrow threading will not take longer than 15 minutes. At Empowering Beauty AU, we know how important your time is. This is why we strive to get the procedure done quickly with minimal discomfort. Along with eyebrow threading, our clients in Ringwood, Melbourne can also get threading for the upper lip, chin, side buns, and forehead. The result is that your face will look super clear and fresh.

Our team of highly skilled beauticians will tend to your brows and find your natural arch to create the best shape for your face. You get fully-defined brows that compliment your natural arch and make you look fabulous. Besides, you can avoid harsh chemicals by opting for threading. This makes it very popular, especially for people with different skin textures and acne.

You can always call us on 0450 289 132 or to know more about our services in Ringwood, Melbourne. Get in touch with Empowering Beauty AU today for the perfect eyebrow threading procedure.

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