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The Best EMS and Facial Treatment Provider in Balwyn

Empowering Beauty AU is a trendsetter in beauty and body enhancement services. We are an influential advocate of EMS sculpting, hair removal, microneedling, facials, and skincare in Balwyn. Our mission is to empower men and women alike by providing them with the tools they need to achieve the best look. We offer not only the highest quality products and state-of-the-art technologies but also a professional atmosphere where you will be pampered and can be confident about your appearance.


From the moment you walk into our clinic, you will feel at home with us. Our dedicated team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. They provide the best services you truly deserve. So whether you are looking forward to a soothing face massage or rejuvenating IPL facials, we have got you covered. We also offer the revolutionary EMS fat reduction treatment and EMS body sculpting for your body!

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How Can Empowering Beauty AU Help You?

We offer a range of beauty services and treatments for our clients after careful consideration and consultation.

Body services: Our team provides a wide variety of body treatments to ensure overall wellness and changes within your skin.

Skin services: We offer the best treatment method for your skin to get rid of major challenges like acne, dark spots, scars, fine lines, etc. without harmful side effects.

Face services: We provide the best facials that ensure glowing skin and help boost your confidence and personality.

Lash and brow services: Our beauty specialists offer a proper "framing" treatment for your face through specialised lash and brow services.

Empowering Beauty AU’s EMS Procedure

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EMS, the newest cosmetic procedure offered by Empowering Beauty AU, is a non-invasive, painless treatment that uses electrical impulses to build muscle mass and eliminate unwanted fats in the body. This results in a glaring reduction of cellulite and stretch marks, as well as improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It is amazing for:

  • Tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles

  • Tone and lift the buttocks

  • Tone the arms, thighs, and calves

Each EMS treatment session takes less 30mins to complete. The EMS experts at our therapy clinic guarantee that you will experience optimal results once your complete treatment plan is over. It generally takes a minimum of 6 sessions per treatment plan, scheduled 2-3 days apart. Post-procedure consultation and checkups are also offered if necessary.

Empowering Beauty AU's Facial Services

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A facial is one of the most popular procedures around the world. It is a form of treatment that ensures better complexion and smoothness of the skin. A well-executed facial treatment will lead to healthier skin as it cleanses and regenerates the skin by removing dirt and other types of toxins.

Types of facials provided by our skin specialists are:​

Empowering Beauty AU's Facial Services

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  • Anti ageing facial

  • Clarity facial

  • Collagen facial

  • Exfoliating facial

  • Light therapy facial

  • Microdermabrasion facials

  • Deep hydration facial

  • Facial for men

  • Galvanic facial

  • IPL facial

  • Sensitive skin facial

  • Signature facial

  • ​Teen facial

  • Pore refining facial

  • Acne or deep cleansing facial

  • Back facial

  • Face massage

  • Calming facial

  • Custom facial

A facial treatment is also a good stress-relieving procedure as it increases the circulation of blood in the facial muscles and reduces the cortisol level in the human body.

Other Beauty Services Provided by Empowering Beauty AU

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  • Fat cavitation: It is a cosmetic procedure where unwanted fat deposits are washed out of the body through ultrasound or ultrasonic waves. Unlike liposuction, it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that doesn't require anaesthesia. Stubborn fat deposits in the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and stomach regions can be removed through ultrasound fat cavitation.

  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening procedures are very popular among our clients. We use a variety of methods including whitening strips, laser teeth whitening, and whitening gels to get the job done safely.

  • Tattoo removal: Empowering Beauty AU also offers unwanted tattoo removal services with the help of different techniques like laser surgery, surgical removal, and dermabrasion.

  • Chemical peels: it is a type of treatment applied to the face to bring out healthy skin underneath all the layers. We have the choice of light, medium, and deep chemical face peels. This process is used to treat a variety of skin issues like:

    • Wrinkles

    • Fine lines

    • Sun damage

    • Acne

    • Acne scars

    • Dark spots

    • Melasma

    • Skin redness

    • Uneven skin tone

Enhance Your Look with Brow Lamination and Eyelash Extensions in Balwyn

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  • If you are looking for a way to add some extra oomph to your beauty routine, you may want to consider brow lamination and eyelash extensions. Both of these treatments can give you fuller, more defined brows and lashes, which can last for several weeks with proper care. Brow lamination involves using a semi-permanent solution to shape and hold the brows in place.

  • The results of the treatment can last up to eight weeks and it's a great option if you have unruly brows that need a little taming. Volume eyelash extensions are individually applied lashes glued to your natural lashes. They can last anywhere from two to four weeks and give you the appearance of thicker, longer lashes. 

  • Empowering Beauty AU is dedicated to making you feel empowered and beautiful. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing exemplary service as well as products for eyebrow lamination and individual lash extensions. They will guide you through the process and can personalise the services for your unique needs.

Improve Your Health with Our Infrared Sauna Therapy in Balwyn

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When it comes to improving your health, there are many therapies available. However, one option that is often overlooked is infrared sauna therapy. This can be highly beneficial for your health and you will understand why once you know how it works. In this treatment, infrared light is used to penetrate the body, which then causes the body to sweat. This sweating helps to detoxify the body and improve circulation, making you feel relaxed. Additionally, sauna sunlightening relieves pain and tension because of its heat.


So, are you looking for a way to detoxify your body and relax? At Empowering Beauty AU, our team is well-trained to perform infrared sauna therapy. We offer the best services using high-end tools and products to ensure you get the desired results!


Whether you are looking for laminated brows, classic lash extensions, or infrared sauna therapy in Balwyn, contact our experts.

Get the Best HIFU Treatment in Balwyn

Are you seeking a non-invasive solution to rejuvenate your skin and restore a youthful complexion? If so, look no further than HIFU treatment. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that offers a range of benefits. The best part is that you get a radiant glow all without the need for surgery or downtime. It is the best choice to enhance your beauty.

At Empowering Beauty AU, our expert practitioners have mastered the art of HIFU therapy. We ensure that you receive the best treatment available. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, you get exceptional results that boost your confidence.

Our HIFU facial treatment in Balwyn employs focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production which helps tighten the skin naturally. This innovative technology is capable of targeting various problem areas, including sagging skin on the face, neck, and body. It has long-lasting results and is perfectly safe for almost every skin type.

Benefits of HIFU Treatment

You will experience several advantages with Empowering Beauty AU’s HIFU skin treatment. It is a non-invasive and highly effective cosmetic procedure that:

  • Tightens Skin: HIFU stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter, firmer skin. It is an excellent solution for reducing sagginess and lines in the face, neck or body.

  • No Downtime: Unlike surgical procedures, HIFU treatment requires no downtime. You can return to your regular daily activities right after the procedure, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.

  • Non-surgical: Say goodbye to incisions and anaesthesia. HIFU is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that delivers significant cosmetic benefits without the risks associated with surgery.

  • Natural-Looking Results: HIFU beauty treatment offers gradual, natural-looking results. Your skin will continue to improve over several months, ensuring that the rejuvenation process appears seamless and subtle.

  • Customised Treatment: This treatment can be customised to target specific areas of concern. Whether you are looking to improve your facial contours or address sagging skin on your body, HIFU is adaptable to your unique needs.

  • Long-Lasting Effects: The results of HIFU facials can last for several months to a year or more. This long-lasting effect ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your treatment for an extended period.

  • Proven Safety: HIFU is FDA-approved and has a strong safety profile. It has been used worldwide for cosmetic purposes, providing peace of mind to patients.

  • Minimal Discomfort: Patients typically report minimal discomfort during the HIFU skin tightening procedure. Any discomfort experienced is temporary.

At Empowering Beauty AU, we are dedicated to providing the best HIFU treatment in Balwyn. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with this advanced, non-invasive procedure. So experience the transformative benefits of HIFU and reveal a younger, more confident you.

Empowering Beauty AU - Refining and Redefining Beauty

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It takes more than just talent and hard work to be the best in business. Empowering Beauty AU has quickly grown to become an established beauty services provider in Balwyn for this particular reason. Our vision of empowering beauty, backed by a team of talented and proficient beauticians has cemented our status as one of the best salons.

Customer experience is a major focus. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe work environment where our clients can relax as our experts go through the various procedures. Our team will never go ahead with a procedure unless it has been discussed with you and we have your consent. Additionally, our specialists will advise you on the latest procedures and the most suitable options for you.


From basic facials to complex EMS Treatment, Empowering Beauty AU guarantees quality results. So why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Call us now on 0450 289 132 to book an appointment with our team of experts. You can also reach us at for more information.

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