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About Us 

We are here to empower our clients by enhancing their natural aesthetic by enhancing their beauty and youth. Empowering Beauty works with a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about bringing out the best in their clients.


Our team recognizes the importance of self-image and self-love and wants to raise awareness for the same through beauty and skincare. We believe that beauty is the biggest asset a person can have, and bringing out the beautiful aspects of our clients is our ultimate goal.

Our team works with a range of techniques and procedures that are customisable to specific requirements. We firmly believe that all bodies are beautiful, and all faces are charming.  Our beauticians are here to help enhance that beauty by removing all blemishes.

We offer a range of services that include:

  • Body care

  • Skin services

  • Face services

  • Lash and brow services

We work with a team of experts who are proficient in their field. They pay attention to every minute detail in their work to avoid possible side effects and imperfections. The results will always please every single client of ours and we take satisfaction in delivering nothing but the best.

Our Team


Deborah Sideri

Clinic Manager

Welcome to Empowering Beauty AU, an idea born out of my struggles with stubborn body fat. Our aim is to assist & make all clients feel happy and content in their own bodies by dealing with major challenges. I am extremely proud of the work done by the team so far. Together as a team, we ensure that clients feel comfortable and taken care of, from the moment they walk through our doors - till the end of the procedures. I have an Italian ancestry although I was born in Australia. I love to spend my time shopping, learning languages, cooking different delicious cuisines, going out for meals, and being with my family and friends.


Josephine Mok

Marketing Coordinator

I graduated from Monash University in 2022 with a degree in Communication Design and in Business, majoring in Marketing. I've always adored the beauty industry and love being a part of the team at Empowering Beauty. I enjoy curating and sharing fun and informative content on our online platforms, as well as collaborating with some of our local partners. In my spare time, you will catch me at brunch with my friends or on a walk, patting all the dogs in my neighbourhood.


Nicole Luglio

Bookings Manager

I am a florist by profession and have worked in retail floristry up until Empowering Beauty! I am very passionate about self-care and making sure you're taking the little moments out of each day to really look after yourself. Much like floristry, all the treatments here at EB help to assist you in that self-care. I love working here as I enjoy having a friendly chat and seeing you all walk out feeling empowered and rejuvenated. If you don’t see my face at the desk, you’ll usually find me taking my morning walks by the beach, binge-watching something on Netflix or freelancing for floristry!


Bec Thompson

Beauty Therapist

I’m the newest addition to the Empowering Beauty team! I’ve always loved assisting people and I'm super passionate about love and self-care, and being a beauty therapist ticks all these boxes! I love everything lashes and brows, but I love learning about new treatments! In my spare time you’ll see me spending time with my loved ones, reading a book, cuddling my dogs or at the beach… with a book.


Tiffany Gower

Beauty & Skin Therapist

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist who is passionate about all things beauty. I made a conscious decision to work in the beauty industry as I want people to feel confident, comfortable, and happy in their own skin. I love creating the perfect framing for skin, brows, and lashes. I always keep myself updated about everything new in the beauty industry and pick up new skills to achieve the best results. I enjoy dancing and spending time in the gym. I am grateful for my cute toy poodle named Jack for keeping me up and working most days. In my spare time, I love to go shopping and spend time with my family and friends.


Jasmine Horton

Junior Beauty Therapist

I have just recently completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Elly Lukas at the end of 2022. I am very passionate about the beauty industry and have been able to grow my love for all things beauty since learning and gaining skills in the industry. I’m born and raised in the local area and I love to spend time with my kelpie, Jesse. When I’m not working you’ll see me at the shops, eating out & spending time with my friends or at the beach on warmer days.


Grace Mcpherson

Body Contouring Specialist

I am fully trained in all things to do with the anatomy of the body and have learned and practiced Body Contouring at Empowering Beauty and love it! I am also upskilling my beauty knowledge with Eyelash Extensions. The most important part of my job is making sure every client has a happy and comfortable experience! Melbourne has always been home for me although my last name comes from Scotland. When I'm not working you'll find me making music, learning a language, or getting a coffee.


Kelly O'Donnell

Beauty Therapist & Body Contouring Specialist

The beauty industry has been my life's calling from a young age and I have never looked back since. I completed my Diploma at Victoria University before joining the team as a qualified Beauty Therapist. I am so happy to be part of this amazing team and look forward to working with our clients. I was born and raised in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne. I try to always keep active and spend a lot of my spare time at the gym or finding new spaces to explore.



Brow & Lash Specialists

I have worked in the beauty industry for longer than I would like to admit! I remember when I was 14 years old on school holidays I was working in a hair and beauty salon in my home country Persia. I love and always update my skills by learning the latest trends so I can ensure all client's needs are met and delivered. Working in the Beauty Industry is something that never tires me as I love my job! Making my clients a priority and ensuring they leave happy is what makes the job and explains why I have been doing this for so long!


Kim Murphy

Cosmetic Nurse

My nursing journey first began back in 2009 when I began my first year of study for a Bachelor of Nursing degree. From there I've worked in a range of acute care settings including general medicine, surgical and cardiac. My desire for knowledge landed me a position in an ICU and I returned to university to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing. I then worked for a first responder training company teaching basic life support. While doing so, I have always had a passion for creativity and attention to detail. This led me to complete a cosmetic injectables course with Melbourne’s prestigious Anti-Aging Company and pursue my dream to become a cosmetic injector. Working alongside the wonderful team at Empowering Beauty has fuelled my love for the beauty industry. When I am not working I put on my mum hat and look after my young daughter.

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